Project 502 EM

Project 502 EM

Middle-class fishing freezer trawler project 502 EM is designed to fish with bottom and pelagic trawl, to convert the fish into the frozen product, to store it in freezing holds at a temperature -25 degrees C, to deliver the catch on board transport ships in the area of fishing or to the shore factories.

There is a possibilty to make fish-finding voyages and to reequip the room for can closing machine to ichthyological laboratory. It is possible as well to equip the vessel with bottom or pelagic-long line, with facilities to catch shrimp and crabs using bottom traps.

It is possible as well to make such construction that purse seine may be used, and reequipment may be carried out using land facilities for the fishing with trawl, and vice versa.

Register class: KM * L3 (fishing vessel).

Area of navigation is unlimited one.

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