Project 12802

Project 12802

Middle-class fishing freezer trawler project 12802 is designed to fish with bottom and pelagic trawls, to convert the whole and gut fish into the frozen product, to prepare canned fish from the liver of cod-species fish or to make preserves from caviar, to freeze by-catch and fish offal being reduced to fragments, to store the finished products and to transport them to delivery port.

The efficiency in operation is provided due to the following:

  • Efficient processing of raw fish, possibility to prepare a great variety of products meeting requirements of the world market.
  • Reduction in labour intensity when carrying-out fishing operations using fishing crane and trawl deck 40 m long.
  • Operation with economical refrigerating and power plants.

Register class: KM * L3A3 (fishing vessel).

Unrestricted area of navigation.

A version of the trawler supplied with bottom traps is provided too.

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