Tuna seiner Project 1348

Tuna seiner Project 1348

The ship is design to:

  • Fish small tunny with purse seine without bait;
  • Conserve catch to deliver onto refrigerator ship or to deliver onto onshore storehouses. When delivering onto catch treatment ship, the catch is conserved partly frozen (dry) and partly cooled;
  • To deliver the catch onto a tender or ashore when working in mixed companies;
  • To deliver frozen (dry) tunny in port when returning from fishery.

There is a possibility to store tunny cooled when delivering onto a catch treatment ship.

When working with catch treatment ships the seiner will be used either as a freezer or in the combined variant to store the catch partly frozen (dry) and partly cooled.

Navigation area is unlimited in the course of year in low latitudes and middle latitudes of the world ocean.

Running area is low latitudes and subtropical latitudes of the world ocean.

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