Laying of buoyage-hydrograf vessel

Keel of buoyage-hydrograf vessel

Thursday, December 22, 2005 on the slipways of JSC “Plant “Leninskaya Kuznya” had been taken place ceremonial laying of keel of buoyage-hydrograf vessel – project 50420 “Stvor” for government enterprise “Gosgidrografiya”.

This vessel was elaborated in accordance with rules of Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

The vessel meant for:

  • fulfillment of hydrographic researches in marine and bays littoral zones;
  • laying and service of navigational devices in these regions;
  • supplying and service of hydrographic onshore and on islands;

Sailing region – unlimited III СП.
Exploitation region – Ukrainian littoral zones and bays of Black Sea and Azov Sea.
Designing-structural type – self propelled, full steel double-propeller diesel vessel with double deck superstructure and wheelhouse.

Main dimensions of the vessel
Length overall 29,40 m
Width overall 9,20 m
Side height 2,70 m
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