Plate freezers

Plate freezers produced at the plant are designed for various foodstuff to be frozen: fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, berries, etc. in
aluminium block moulds of domestic and european versions as well as in
cardboard packaging set in special trays.

May be installed on board fishing vessels and at land factories.

Meet the requirements of the Register of Shipping.

Plates are removed using hydraulic cylinders, from a special pumping
unit. Working fluid for hydraulic drive: spindle oil. 4 freezers
installed at the same space may be served only by one pumping plant.

Plate freezers are fabricated in a climatic version of the electrical
equipment s OM5 if they are installed onboard the vessels, and in
version U3 when they operate at the land factories.

No constant watch is required.

Horizontal and vertical type of the freezers can be manufactured at our plant. Horizontal type can be produced of the left- and right-hand
version, taking into account the way of coolant feed to plates, they
may be produced as self-contained units with incorporated refrigerating
plant; air freezing is possible; placing in insulation casing or
without it. Closing of loading- unloading part with sliding doors.

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