Controllable pitch propellers manufactured

Controllable pitch propellers manufactured at our plant are set on ships as main propulsors that provide the required motion parameters, including reversing, but with no any change in direction of propeller shaft rotation. Full power of the main engines is used hereby.

CPP are designed for single-shaft and twin-shaft power plants having a wide range of the output and rpm (from 145 to 500 rpm and from 520 to 6600 h.p.).

The control may be of remote type or that one carried out from the engine room.

Production sector was created at the plant to manufacture blanks by casting and forging, to machine the pieces, to assemble units and make testing, providing guarantee service for these cases.

Special multi-purpose equipment is provided for such manufacturing and it is ready to produce any shaftings with controllable pitch propellers. There are all required capacities and an experience in fabrication of parts from hardly machined high-tensile alloy steels with higher mechanical properties at the level of high accuracy and machining purity.

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