Boiler units production sector of the plant manufactures steam and hot-water boiler units.

Steam boilers are designed to provide the users with saturated steam. Hot-water boiler units are used to warm premises.

Used on board the vessels and in floating means of any classes and destination, as well as for enterprises of domestic and industrial destination.

Reliable in operation.

High-level of automation, unattended operation. Smokeless burning in all conditions of operation.

Efficient, with low consumption.

Complete building-block design: the units for burning, automatic devices and all auxiliary mechanisms are mounted in one unit. Two circulating pumps are installed in hot-water boiler units.

The boiler units differ from others with small-sized performance, high reliability, they operate with diesel fuel or natural gas. Accessories from non-ferrous metals are used , which provide a high operational reliability during all the period of operation (25 years).

Ecological characteristics meet the requirements of sanitary norms.

Together with German company “Saacke” a boiler unit has been developed and produced, using rotational-air burner manufactured by “Saacke” company.

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