Development of machine-building industry

The Private Stock Company named as “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” is one of the oldest enterprises in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Founded in 1862 as some small semi-handicraft works, during its existence the plant has become the up-to-date enterprise with significant productive potential and very high capacities. It has been in 1928, that the building of vessels and ships has been started here, and from the middle of 50th a flow-line conveyor method of building the middle-class freezer fishing trawlers has been applied . It is employed here nowadays too.

Within the period of its history the company has been modernized a lot of times.
A range of manufactured goods and constructed ships has been always widened. The attained scientific and technological standard contributed much to recognition of a high authority and prestige of Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” in the world. The products of our company have been exported to Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Roumania, Viet-Nam, India, Senegal, Iraq, Indonesia, Mozambique, Egypt.

And now we have as well a highly-developed machine-building sector of production with below listed parts thereof:

  • a foundry is specialized in manufacture of articles and units of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals;
  • boiler units sector: fabrication of auxiliary ship automated boiler units and incinerators to burn waste and garbage;
  • controllable Pitch Propellers manufacture;
  • plate freezers are also our production designed to ice different foodstuff, such as fish, meat, vegetables and others;
  • we produce as well equipment for petroleum extraction industry : preventers, hydraulic drilling wrenches;
  • submersible-type pumps for watering systems.

Highly-skilled specialists with a long experience in work and business ensure manufacturing of machine-building products of any sophistication.

The delegations and businessmen from different countries of the world pay often visits at our enterprise. And this gives us the possibility to expand our business contacts. We guarantee our national and foreign partners that we’ll supply them with production made on a high world level.

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