Development of shipbuilding industry

Let me address to you in that way. Because it is just in that way that the concern PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” always builds up relations with all our Clients and Partners. PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” became one of the principal shipbuilders in Ukraine nowadays. A Formerly, in the ex-Soviet Union, according to the strategy of industrial development, the most powerful shipbuilding plants have been located at the rivers, in the middle of the country’s territory – e.g. in Gorky city (now it is Nizhny Novgorod), in Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-at-Amur, Zeienodolsk and others. A decision referring to the development of powerful industrial shipbuilding sector in Kiev, at the plant “Leninska Kuznya”, has been taken about 40 years ago. The time has shown that such decision has become viable, very correct, accurate and active. The industrial policy of the plant has been always oriented to the following: constant modernization of production , search for new technologies, cooperation with several dozens of scientific/research entities and design bureaus available in Kiev, and the latter is aimed at the checking of new technical solutions . All above contribute to a stable development of shipbuilding production.

Peculiar partnership has been established with such well-known and world-recognized institutions as below given:
Institute of Electric Welding named by academician Paton, Institute of Power and Capacities, Institute for Problems of Founding, Hydrodynamics Institution, Institute for Materials Study, Institution for Chemistry of Surfaces, Hydroacoustics Institution, scientific/research Institute “Kvant”, and other organizations located in Kiev and in other recognized centres of shipbuilding industry. It’s already in our times that all shipbuilding workshops have been modernized; up-to-date assembly/welding equipment, cleaning units, systems for primer application and equipment to cut shipbuilding steel have been mounted. Ships and vessels constructed at our shipyard are equipped with the advanced installations and units produced by the world-known leaders in manufacturing of radio communication equipment, navigational means, fish-finding technique, fishing gears; we mount as well the best units of Ukrainian production, and first of all those ones manufactured at the enterprises after conversion process, which have been recognized officially and received corresponding Certificates. The hightened requirements to our plant as to metropolitan enterprise had a wholesome influence on a growth of general engineering level, staff training, creative industrial organization. It’s because of all above that the plant “Leninska Kuznya” was not lost among the giant factories of the national shipbuilding industry located at sea – we mean such cities as Nickolaev , Kherson, Kerch. The creative work as to the making of perfected specimen and samples is always connected to research of the most rational structure of management and industrial organization. Mastering of the straight-line flow method of building the vessels with the so-called forced rhythm, development of special method for the serial vessels to simulate their sea trials in a full scope permitted to construct the ships with minimum expenses and very high quality. A created technical potential of the plant gives the possibility to construct vessels and floating facilities of any destination and dimensions, taking into account the largest capacities of locks and bridges at the river Dnieper. Because of all above, a construction of sophisticated vessels and facilities with high technologies for 1 kg of structures was always considered as mostly reasonable just here, at the building berthes of PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky”. The plant possesses a significant experience in the building of fishing freezer trawlers and tuna ships, automated dredges, chemical tankers, antisubmarine ships, scientific/research vessels, geological survey vessels. That’s why that special structures for underground, for construction of dwelling houses of monolitic concrete and others are ordered just here. It is thanks to a long-term persistent work that the plant has earned its good name, and this name is now a visiting card for the new Clients. It’s especially important taking into account a very high price of the vessels and the time required for their construction. A positive credit policy of the company, ability and skill to cooperate with large credit institutions, including the foreign offices, ability to accumulate and to use the vast financial resources with efficient results, to observe the terms of the vessels construction led to such a situation that last years the majority of the Clients for our ships and hulls are from the foreign countres. We meet the most exacting requirements referring to the vessel’s building under the supervision of world-known Classification Societies: Lloyd’s Register from England (LRS), Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Bureau Veritas (BV), Maritime Register of Shipping-with all of them we have rather long experience of cooperation. The interests of our Clients and quality of production are of priority here. That’s why the plant management esteems that the priority direction of their activity should be cooperative approach to the newbuildings for our foreign Customers. So, plant management accepts positively wishes of the Clients to involve companies from their countries with the aim to fit out vessels and ships.

Reorganization of management was carried out with the permanent aim to keep and raise technical equipping, technical reequipment, involving of highly-skilled specialists – all this permit to propose below listed ships and vessels constructed at the PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” with a guarantee, with a high quality and in a short period of time:

  1. Fishing freezer trawlers, carrying refrigerating vessels for the fisheries of Ukraine, Russia, CIS and other foreign countries, including the vessels built on the basis of already developed and mastered new project 12800, and also new designs of vessels NoNo 5025M, 50016, 50018, etc.
  2. Fish-protecting and fish-finding vessels.
  3. Scientific/research and geological prospecting vessels on the basis of project No 5025M.
  4. Harbour tugboats, salvage tugboats, garbage collecting vessels, fire-fighting vessels, harbour vessels of various destination.
  5. Carrying vessels, multipurpose dry cargo vessels, container ships with cargo capacity of up to 4000 tons, including the type “River-sea”.
  6. Fast passenger/car ferries (up to 40 knots) designed for 585 passengers, 130 cars and 8 buses.
  7. Tankers, victualling vessels, chemical tankers with the deadweight of up to 5000 t.
  8. Technical fleet vessels: Multi-scooped dredges, including self-propelled automated dredges, dredging scows, floating facilities to clean ponds, for example ponds of sugar-refineries, etc.
  9. Selfpropelled and non-selfpropelled barges.
  10. Pontoons, pontoon crossings.
  11. Floating docks, the capacity being 1500-2000 tons.
  12. Ships-hotels, berthes, repair ships, bases for rest.
  13. Modernization and reequipment of vessels and ships built at the plant earlier.
  14. Delivery of spare parts and equipment, service and maintenance of ships constructed at the plant during a whole period of their navigation.
  15. Floating pumping stations (analogue to “Ros” with the capacity of 24000 cu.m/h).
  16. Hulls of ships for various destinations.
  17. Manufacture and delivery of pipelines, machine-building units, pumps, boiler units, incinerators, CPP, blades and others.

The credo of PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” concern has always been, it is such now and it’ll stay in the future as follows: to provide our friends with the high-quality products, to make everything for the prosperity of your business!

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