History of the plant

In 1862 a Private Stock Company “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” had been founded by production engineer Mr. Donat Fyodor Grigorievich. It had been a mechanical plant and iron-works and from the very beginning the plant had been a private property with management of works being carried out by the founders.

1868: Within a short period of time metal structures had been manufactured for a new bridge over the river Dnieper, construction thereof being carried out under direction of the well-known Russian engineer Mr.Struve.

1889: Reorganization into a company named as “Kiev Machine-Building Plant” belonging to Society “Donat, Lipkovsky and Co”.

1895: Transfer to the ownership of the Joint Stock Company “South Russian Machine-Building Plant”.

1924: Renaming of the company “South Russian Machine-Building Plant” to “Leninska Kuznya” plant according to Decree of Kiev Regional Executive Committee. 1928: Decree of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine on the fol-lowing matters: organizing of fluval shipbuilding in Ukraine, specialization of “Leninska Kuznya” in this branch of industry, development of shipyard.

1928: Laying down of shipyard on the left riverside of Dnieper, at Rybalsky peninsula.

1931: Launching of the first tugboat with all-welded hull designed for 150 hp.

1932: Commencement of building the river tugs for 300 hp with valve steam engine of our own production on board.

1934: Beginning of building the river tugs for 400 hp.

Post-war period: construction of dredges with the out-put of 250 m/h, of passenger vessels for 400 hp., harbour seago-ing tugboats, self-propelled sea-going scows.

1954-1962: Start of construction of the middle-class fishing freezer trawlers for 800 hp., multi-scooped dredges and dry cargo ships with cargo-carrying capacity of 400-600 tons.

Machine-building sector constitutes a high percentage in general scope of our production. We manufacture a wide range of boiler units, pumps, equipment for chemical industry, controllable pitch propellers, freezing technique.

1986: A big scope of works for elimination of conse-quences after explosion at Chernobyl Atomic Power Plant.

1995: Change in a form of the ownership, setting-up of the open-type Joint Stock Company named as “Leninska Kuznya” Plant”.

For the moment the plant is continuing construction of middle-class fishing trawlers of different modifications, we are building the hulls of transporting vessels; a process of preproduction takes place now to construct vessels of various missions and destinations and in conformity with the Client’s require-ments.

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