Flow – line conveyor method of ship construction

Flow-line conveyor method of ship construction is wide-ly known in the world and it is employed at the shipbuilding companies in many countries. Because of peculiar conditions of the shipyards and by some other reasons the above method is used at the mentioned shipyards only partially and in majority of cases before shaping of hull in a dock; it may take place at a pre-determined site or at the building berth with slope.

It’s in a full extent that flow-line conveyer method of ship construction was adopted at the PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky”. It means that using such method, a ship erection schedule is established and organization of building is provided as well, including manufacture and delivery of material resources, pieces and parts, units and modules as well as accessory equipment to the shops. All above listed is conveyed then from the shops to erection site depending upon the method of vessels’ construction and taking into account the date of the vessel’s transfer to the Client. Four flows have been arranged at our shipyard.

One of them, for example, provides below given:

  1. Three positions before the building berth assemblage, that is:
    • 1 Laying-out and cutting of metal.
    • 2 Unit assembly, subassembly, erection of half-sculptured sections.
  2. Five positions at the building berth, here they are:
    • 3 Hull and superstructure are erecting at the special carriages, then following works should be executed: painting, insulation, assembly of machinery and equipment, cable and pipings laying – that is, every-thing required to be made before launching.
    • 4 Intermediate position of launching the vessel.
  3. One outfitting position afloat and one testing/delivery posi-tion, that is:
    • 5 Completion of building, testing of all hull systems and machinery.

The above flow serves the purpose to construct trawlers, their tonnage being 15001t.

A flexible engineering and production management and control of building the vessels is provided using a flow-line con-veyor method for that purpose. Adoption of erection schedule is very important hereby. It gave the possi-bility to obtain construction rhythm as 14 days, that is every 14 days we launched the vessel and delivered her to the Client.

Simulation trials of ships contributed much as well because they fully imitate conditions of sea trials at the proving grounds. It is already during 30 years that all serial ships here are subject to such trials at the water area of the shipyard. The above method gives the possibility to make checking, adjusting and tuning of hull machinery, units and devices. The testing being completed, the vessel is transfered to the Client. Acceptance Certificate shall be signed in Kiev herewith.

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