Central Plant Laboratory

Central Laboratory of PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” meets the criteria for accreditation PG 10-98 “Accreditation measurement laboratories”

Inspection control over the activities of the accredited laboratory performed 1 time per year.

Position about the central factory laboratory compiled on the basis of STF 263-085-76, “Model of pro CPL” (RD 5.30-016-82).

Central Laboratory is a subdivision of PrSC “Plant “Kuznya on Rybalsky” is headed by the Chief CPL and reports directly to the Head of Technical Department which oversees its work.

under the existing provisions about the CPL, a Decree about specialized laboratories that are part of the CPL, given the specifics of these units.

The CPL consists of 6 laboratories:

  1. Chemical Laboratory
  2. Vibro-Acoustic Laboratory
  3. Laboratory of Radiation Safety
  4. Laboratory mechanical tests
  5. X-lab
  6. Laboratory paints

The work of CPL meets with many problems, the main ones are:

  • development and introduction of new methods of analysis, testing and quality control of materials, semi-finished products and designs to the development of the necessary documentation according to ESTD;
  • test samples and testing, control of materials and structures in the production process;
  • organize and carry out research and testing work on the development and – the introduction in the production of new materials, advanced production processes, as well as methods of control;
  • improving quality and reduce the complexity of control operations through the introduction of automated and mechanized methods of control;
  • participation in scientific and technological development projects of reconstruction and modernization of part of the costs and methods of monitoring and evaluation of their compliance with modern technological level.
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